Level 3 rogue


Level:3 Class:Rogue Race:unknown gender:male height:5,11" weight:160 Size:Medium Age:unknown AC:16 HP:34 Close range weapon:Rapier Long range weapon:Shortbow


“I created this world, which means I control everything in it. And right now, you are here, which means I control you.”bq).
Marethyu (The hook handed man), to Soul, Reb, Sherman, Laith and Milshow while in his personally created alternative dimension.
Marethyu is a very influential character.He taught Soul the spell of shield of faith, he assisted Sherman in surviving most of his battles, and he taught Signa and Ethio many ancient, foreign, and even dead languages.He also is older than anybody can remember, yet is still with the will and power of a 19 year old. Immortality, probably. It is unknown what race Marethyu belongs to. However,
his name means Death, and the Ancients knew him as Moros and he was included in their list of kings.
He needed to find a group of heroes that would be able to assist him in going back in time and causing all problems to cease, or the entire dimension would cease to exist. He then chose beings such as Soul who had stolen the secrets of healing from its original owner, Reb, a powerful warrior with an emotional background, Laith, a legendary, dwarven warrior, Sherman, an immortal Halfling barbarian who was surprisingly powerful for his tiny size , and Milshow, a pure-hearted peasant who obtained great magical powers. Marethyu then commited several acts that would ensure their survival such as teaching Soul how to master the shield of faith, insuring Sherman’s survival in many of his battles, even teaching Signa and Ethio how to translate and transcribe many different languages. Somewhere in-between all this, Marethyu found Rocketlancer and told him his future, that his fate would be tied with the group, and brought him from being a cowardly marketer to being one of the most powerful sorcerers the world had ever seen. These 5 led by Marethyu, along with many others, travel around the land restoring justice, and abolishing evil.


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